Keith Ross Leckie

The Russell Williams Story

"Keith Ross Leckie has scripted a movie on the Russell Williams Story - The Canadian Base Commander that became a rapist and murderer - that finished production in June and will play on Lifetime in the US in July and on Canadian networks later in the year."

What are people saying about Keith?

"The author of the evening on May 11 at the Rene Caisse Theatre for the Cocktails and Conversation Book Club in Bracebridge, Ontario, with a turn out of 250 people."

"One of six authors reading at the Elora Writers' Festival on Sunday May 27th at the Aboyne Hall."

Coppermine #2 Edmonton Top Ten best selling novels for December 2010!


Keith sat down to chat about COPPERMINE with CBC's Shelagh Rogers on her program The Next Chapter.

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Part epic adventure, part romance, and part true-crime thriller, Coppermine is a dramatic, compelling, character-driven story set in 1917 in the extremes of Canada's far north and the boom town of Edmonton.

The story begins when two missionaries disappear in the remote Arctic region known as the Coppermine. North West Mounted Police officer Jack Creed and Angituk, a young Copper Inuit interpreter, are sent on a year-long odyssey to investigate the fate of the lost priests. On the shores of the Arctic Ocean near the mouth of the Coppermine River, they discover their dismembered remains. Two Inuit hunters are tracked and apprehended, and the four begin an arduous journey to Edmonton, to bring the accused to justice.

Instructing the jury to "think like an Eskimo," the defence counsel sets out to prove the Inuit acted in self-defence. They hear how the hunters believed the priests were possessed by demons about to kill them, and how, acting on this belief, they killed the men and ate their livers. The jury finds them not guilty. The hunters become celebrities, a parade is held for them, they visit a movie theatre and an amusement park, and become guests of honour at socialite dinners. They are given new suits, fine cigars, and champagne. But Rome is outraged that the murderers of its martyred priests will go free. As secrets of Jack Creed's past in the trenches of Europe are revealed, Jack tries to save his two friends, and himself.