Keith Ross Leckie


I live in Toronto with my producer wife Mary Young Leckie of Screen Door Productions and my three children Toban, Katelyn and Sean. I have been in the film and television business for more than 30 years primarily as dramatic scriptwriter and occasionally as director, working with many very talented people. I have written projects for producers and networks in the United States, but usually my stories are Canadian oriented, usually concerning big events and are often historical or period. I've dramatized a number of true crime cases and many courtroom sequences. Within the drama I include romance and comedy. I recently finished my second novel. I have begun writing my first play.

Our family enjoys a cottage north of Buckhorn. We had a beach house in the Bahamas for 10 years but it was washed away in hurricane Floyd in '99. We do plan to rebuild soon. We love sailing, swimming & hiking.

-Keith Ross Leckie

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