Keith Ross Leckie

"Keith Ross Leckie's Coppermine is like the river itself -- magnificent, fast, turbulent, filled with twists and turns that not even the most practiced eye could foretell. The author has taken a real story and somehow made it even more real. He captures the North in this book as it has rarely been held in words. Coppermine is not only a journey, and a great one, but a fascinating and at times troubling examination of right and wrong. Here, justice has more shades than the Northern Lights. Climb aboard, and be grateful that Keith Ross Leckie holds the steering paddle."

-Roy MacGregor

"The trial of two Copper Inuit is the backdrop for this swashbuckling tale of adventure, intrigue and plain old romance that beings with a year-long journey from Edmonton to the shores of the Arctic and back again, and ends in the courtrooms, hotels and high society parlours of Edwardian Alberta... The web of fact and fiction is almost seamless and offers a gripping read."

—Marian Botsford Fraser

"Keith Ross Leckie's Coppermine is a novel of expected danger, unexpected love, and justice that is both. Set in the most desolate of landscapes, it is compelling because at its core are a fascination with the North, and true and marvellous events a hundred years old. It is absorbing because it moves with force, but at the astute pace of the gifted story-teller."

-Ernest Hillen

"Leckie has successfully combined history, mystery, adventure and yes, romance along with some thought provoking ideas to produce a memorable read. Very much recommended."
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-Luanne Ollivier

"As a Canadian, I love novels and non-fiction about Canadian history, and Leckie's Coppermine is one of the best I have read in a very long time. I have had the pleasure of viewing many of the movies that he wrote screenplays for including, Everest!, Shattered, and Children Of My Heart! All were fantastic, and I look forward to one day being able to see Coppermine in movie format.

If you enjoy mystery novels, particularly those based on true life events, and also Canadian history, then you will definitely enjoy Coppermine by Keith Ross Leckie! I know I did!"
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-Shirley, A Mom After Gods Own Heart

"This book provided much insight into the belief system of the Eskimos and their way of life. The author has been a scriptwriter for 30 years and his credits include multiple miniseries for CBC such as Everest!, Milgaard and The Arrow. This book could be destined to become another miniseries and if it does, I will probably be one of the people sitting down to watch it. Read this book!"
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It is a gift of a premise: initiating mystery, physical action, epic journeys, complicated justice, clash of cultures. For the most part, Leckie exploits these ingredients in tasty ways, his scriptwriting craft showing in sure pacing and brisk scenes ending with snap! crackle! pop! buttons. His Mountie, Creed, is a solid if stock protagonist, a canoe-loving man of duty who prefers the relative certainties of solitude and the law over the puzzles of the heart.
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-Andrew Pyper, The Globe and Mail

The storyline was fantastic, the history was even more intriguing than I was expecting, the portrayal of the Inuit worldview was enlightening and the plot twists were unexpected. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Definitely two thumbs up!
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I loved this novel, it is written as if you are standing right next to the characters in the book whether they are in the courtroom, on the frigid expanse of the Arctic, or snuggling together in a makeshift igloo to keep the cold at bay, trying to survive.
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-Marci, Serendipitous Readings - Audio Review
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-Lauries Book Reviews

Reader Reviews

I have just finished your book and wanted to let you know that I just loved it!

I particularly enjoyed Part I with your lyrical descriptions of the land, the Copper Inuit spirituality and their connection to the land. I am also so impressed with the amount of research that you must have had to do about geography, Inuit culture and spirituality, missionaries, the NWMP, WWI, the North, Edmonton society, legal procedure (I enjoyed the defence’s strategy!) etc. It is a great story with interesting characters, but above all it is a very tender book. It belongs on the screen! I have recommended it to friends and am going to suggest it to my book club.

Thank you for a wonderful read!


This tardy response to Coppermine is only a symptom of winter hibernation and sloth, and it is certainly long overdue to express my admiration and appreciation for your fine work. Having done research and travel in the Yukon (for The Ice Eaters) back in 1984, I am doubly impressed by the extent of your research, descriptions and actual knowledge of the terrain and the customs.

But, the best part comes from the characterizations of Jack Creed and the great Angituk. No wonder Jack fell in love with her--as I am sure did your readers. Me too.

As I read the book, I couldn't help referring to your introductory comments about the CBC, which now prefers Jeopardy etc. to doing something worthwhile for Canada. However, the book would still make a fine movie. It has all the ingredients--especially these days when there's so much interest in the Arctic.

-Bruce and Alys

You've been keeping me up nights. I haven't been able to put down your book (well I have now as I've finished it). I've been buying up copies to give as Christmas presents. It really is a fabulous read. Thanks so much!


It always takes me a little while - say, two chapters- to move beyond the frontal lobe reality that it's your thoughts I'm reading...until I become absorbed by the story and move out of your head and deeply into the plot.

But like Seventh Gate once I'm there I am really there. Thanks for a great read, a moment back in time, and a better understanding of our history and the Inuit culture. I had a great time being there in Coppermine.


I just finished a novel that I never wanted to end, and that was Coppermine! Really great, couldn’t put it down. Congratulations! Proud to know you!

My problem now is that I have to find something else to read over the holidays! Hope you’re starting something else....soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I've just realized that I finished your excellent book over a week ago, and haven't sent you the message I've been mentally composing ever since.

I loved the book - the mystery, the adventure, the suspense, the characters, the arc of the whole thing. It's a remarkable story - trust you to tell it so vividly.

I often thought of my father while I was reading it - he would have loved it, too. He had a good collection of journals by early Canadian explorers, and was a member of the Champlain Society. It was nice to think of his responses while I read.

So congratulations, my dear, on a really fine accomplishment!